Posted August 2, 2006 in California

Saturday started off in the afternoon, with a trip to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. It was rather silly. It had a country fair atmosphere, with stalls set up everywhere. The one twist was that half of them sold garlic-infused foods. I ate two flavours of garlic ice cream. To paraphrase a certain movie line: We went there thinking 'garlic ice cream' and then we got there, and it was... garlic ice cream! ... We felt sorry for the ice cream. We kind of felt sorry for the garlic, too....

Other delicacies: garlic bread, corn with garlic butter (corn sucks in California), garlic fries, and lots and lots of mint-flavoured gum. We had to pay for everything, and it wasn't cheap. Oh well.

Of course, the real thrill of the weekend was Saturday night's dinner at AsiaSF. This place is rather pricey, but with the dinner comes a show where scantily-clad women dance around and make eyes at the customers. And those women were really hot. There's just one catch: [scary bit censored].

It was extremely expensive, but on the whole I'm glad we lived the experience. It was a very fitting farewell dinner for Vince.

Sunday was relatively low-key: just food and movies.