Fun Facts

Posted March 1, 2007 in Uganda

I will be in Gulu for the next week. Somehow the idea has entered my mind to add a little gimmick to my blog: Fun Facts. For the next few entries (or, potentially, for the rest of my visit to Uganda), I will append a Fun Fact to the end of each blog entry.

My goal is to raise awareness back home. In fact, last night (which I spent alone, so I could recuperate from a mild cold) I had a lot of ideas about which directions my blog should take. It's quite clear in my mind that I can't just write stuff like I went to a camp in Gulu and took pictures of children. That carefree, happy-go-lucky form of blogging would connote the exact opposite of the situation here.

Since I'll be up in Gulu, my first few Fun Facts will be Gulu-inspired. I hope my readers enjoy them.

Fun Fact: In and around northern Uganda, two million civilians have been displaced by the LRA, which is estimated to have fewer than two thousand combatants. That's one thousand civilians per rebel!