Posted February 9, 2007 in Uganda

By popular demand:

Yesterday we visited Uganda Christian University: specifically, Dr. Jean Chamberlain, a Canadian who founded Save the Mothers. At the school, they train Ugandans of varying disciplines. The idea is that these students will return to their jobs with a more enlightened perspective and a capacity to make a difference. I was impressed by the beauty of the school, the variety of students in the Save the Mothers lecture room we visited, and the devotion of Jean Chamberlain and her family. There is a lot of progress to be made here; and with enough effort, the situation will change.

I also got my first experience riding in the front seat of a van on the way back to Kampala. The drivers here are insane! Our driver was incredibly aware of his position on the road, avoiding the curb, bikers and other cars by surely no more than a few centimetres. Not to mention the enormous potholes. A seatbelt is a necessity.

Traffic here is interesting. Everybody drives on the left side of the road, and there are no stop signs. Drivers are all extremely aggressive. Most interesting, though, is the apparent lack of any rules whatsoever. No speed limits, stop signs, right-of-way, crosswalks, etc. For the most part, this seems to work okay.

Stuart says he mentioned me to the director of the Infectious Disease Institute, who knows of a perfect project for me (though he's too busy to meet with me for the next two weeks). This is organization which is making strides in the fight against HIV. Wouldn't it be funny for me to volunteer on a project funded by Bill Gates, after being such an anti-Microsoft person back home? It might happen....