Posted February 6, 2007 in Uganda

My trip to Uganda started off on the wrong foot.

My last day of London saw me start off at the Globe (with a wonderful tour), then walk all over the city, passing by the Inns of Court and a piece of London Wall (a relic from Roman times). I eventually made my way back to the hostel, picking up a steak and kidney pie from a vendor in the Underground station on the way.

Then came the flights. Long story short: after a terrible lamb dinner on my flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi, I began to feel slightly ill. This was my first time in a 747, and I was acutely aware of the very low bathroom-to-passenger ratio. Worse, most seats were not equipped with vomit bags; but luckily, I found one in the nick of time.

The Nairobi-Entebbe flight was shorter and so less horrible. It was well-equipped with vomit bags, which I made use of.

I couldn't fully enjoy the drive from Entebbe to Kampala, because I was sleepy and sick. Luckily, I had kept a vomit bag in stock from the plane; I made use of that.

We checked in to our hotel, and I made use of the bed and toilet extensively. By midnight, the vomiting stopped. And so I learned my first lesson: do not eat steak and kidney pies.

That was Saturday/Sunday; I'm still not feeling my usual perky self, but I am up and about. I am at one of the university's three new computer labs. Wouldn't you know it, they're keen on Ubuntu Linux! I just met with the dean and IT staff, and it looks like there is unlimited opportunity for fun, educational, useful work in my field.

I have met some fascinating Canadians here, too. At dinner last night, I heard countless amazinging stories involving Idi Amin, UNICEF, and the progress made in the past twenty years. And while I've been uselessly sleeping off my illness, I've been secured a spot in the university's guest house (at least until March). I get my own room and mosquito net, a fan, and a 1:3 bathroom:guest ratio for US$10/night, plus breakfast for US$3 if I desire. Outside the guest house, one can find a cat, a dog, a few bugs, and a whole bunch of monkeys.

My time grows short. There will be more stories and less vomiting in my next blog entry.