Posted February 28, 2007 in Uganda

After a night out with the Concordia bunch I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I got a ride home. The power was out (at the guest house, there is a generator; but they don't turn it on after midnight), and so it was very dark. As I approached my door, I saw a cat. (There is a cat on the premises, known as Jinja.) So, of course, I said: Hi, Jinja!

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a rat. So I said: Oh, you're not Jinja. Well, I'm going to open the door now, and you're blocking it, so I hope you don't bite me.

And I did, and it didn't.

Only a few minutes later did I register my utter lack of fear, disgust, and even surprise. That rat was big enough to eat Jinja, and I was entirely unfazed.