Got a Camera

Posted May 27, 2006 in California

It's been ages since I last posted; to correct this, I'll try to post all the blog entries I didn't post in the same order in which I should have posted them.

So, first off: a couple of weeks ago I got myself a new camera (Canon A540) at Circuit City. The salesman was a real Californian surfer dude. Luckily I had researched a bit beforehand; when I asked him the difference between the A540 and the A530, he said, well, the A540 has more megapixels, which is like, better.... He gave the impression that he was agog at my throwing money around, which makes me wonder how long he's been working at a retail electronics store.

Best of all was during the checkout: a coworker of his was talking about a restaurant where she had been a few nights ago and she said it was really good. He asked, is it hella-good? The answer: no, not hella-good, just really good.

So, here is a picture of my camera. The camera isn't hella-good, it's just really good: