Food food food

Posted June 13, 2011 in Cross-Canada 2011, Dear Diary

The day I visited Sault Ste. Marie, I didn't go to bed hungry. That's because I stopped early, at 5 p.m., and ate until dark.

Food Carbs Fat Protein Energy
Omelette with spinach, chicken, english muffins (breakfast #1) 76g 18g 38g 618 kcal
Pancakes (3) (breakfast #2) 114g 24g 33g 804 kcal
Loaf's worth of PB&J sandwiches (lunch+supper) 414g 120g 72g 3,024 kcal
Bottle of thirst quencher (lunch) 58g 0g 0g 234 kcal
Granola (lunch+supper) 35g 6g 5g 206 kcal
Ice cream cone (snack) 43g 23g 6g 394 kcal
Half-box of pasta with half-jar of pesto (supper) 143g 113g 19g 1,665 kcal
Apple cider, from two packets (supper) 42g 0g 0g 166 kcal
Apple (supper) 25g 0g 0g 100 kcal
Box of cookies (supper) 210g 60g 20g 1,460 kcal
Total 950g 304g 173g 8,671 kcal

A typical person needs 2,000 kcal per day.

I spend over $30 per day on groceries and meals.

Most days I bicycle too long so there's no time left to eat. I've lost over 3 kilograms in two months on the road.