Photos of NASA Ames

Posted May 29, 2006 in California

I went out for a little bike ride today, and on the way back home I took pictures of some of the NASA Ames site. They're in my NASA Ames photo gallery.

A bit of background for those who I haven't told yet (who are wondering what on Earth I'm blogging about): at the North edge of Mountain View is a big NASA research centre called the NASA Ames Research Center. It has three entrances, but usually only the main entrance is open. They have a security guard who asks for my license (and sometimes my passport as well).

I live there because Google made some deal with NASA Ames. There are some lodges at NASA Ames for whatever reason (astronaut housing?) which are not being used. Google managed to reserve an entire building for its interns. The price is reasonably low, but I may be forced to accomodate a roommate before the summer is out. See my California Room photo album to get an idea of the living conditions. Towels and bedding and once-a-week cleaning are included in the price, and it's billed to the day; all things considered, it's far cheaper than renting an apartment.

Some of my pictures were taken from a large distance at full zoom, because frankly I'm afraid of the police and the security guards. Hopefully I've given some sense of the immensity of the biggest hangar. Unfortunately, my pictures of the two smaller hangars don't do them justice.

Follow along with Google Maps! Take a look at the map to see the scale. Play with the zoom! I started on Moffett Blvd, to Clark Rd, then Wescoat Rd, turned right on Cody Rd until it became Macon Rd. Then I backtracked and turned onto Edquiba Rd, where I live. Zoom in enough and you'll see the red McDonald's roof; my home is across the street from there.