Santa Cruz Surfing

Posted July 2, 2006 in California

My second surfing experience was much more fruitful than the first, though far less exciting. In my first surfing adventure, the waves were behemoths bearing pain and drowningness. Here, the waves were... wait, were there waves?

The upside: it was easy to get up and go when the waves did come. In fact, we started to show off: I actually high-fived somebody while we were both surfing! Okay, so it's not dolphin-jumping, but at least it's a start.

Unfortunately, there were tons and tons (and tons) of other surfers. It ended up being even more dangerous than last time, because everybody was a beginner so boards and people were flying everywhere. We all survived.

Santa Cruz is really hot and summer-y.

As is becoming the norm, I took pictures of this event in my Santa Cruz Surfing photo album, but there aren't many.

That night we went for dinner at a really cool restaurant in downtown mountain view. Vince brought along his friend Jill, who stayed the long weekend and is probably wondering why I took so long to write this blog entry. Hi, Jill!