Six Flags Marine World

Posted July 28, 2006 in California

The weekend started with a sushi place called Miyake, in Palo Alto. This place introduced me to the sake bomb. In a nutshell:

  1. Wait until the restaurant's lights go out and the music stops.
  2. Stand on your chair.
  3. Hold a shot of warm sake in your left hand.
  4. Hold a half-full glass of beer in your right hand.
  5. When the waitor yells, sake, yell back, BOMB, in unison with all other participants. Repeat a few times.
  6. Drop the shot glass from your left hand into the glass in your right hand.
  7. Chug.
  8. Sit down.
  9. Replenish beverages.
  10. Start again at Step 1.

The sushi was very cheap, and surprisingly tasty for the price. And there you go: a perfectly valid Friday night.

Saturday: surfing. The weather at Pacifica was great. I'm getting the hang of it!

Sunday: Six Flags Marine World. This is a theme park from Warner Bros. It's basically a bunch of roller coasters and big sea animals (mostly mammals). They chose a pretty stupid place to put the theme park: near Napa Valley. In the summertime, the weather there is hot and dry (grass is yellow, not green). On our particular day, it was well over forty degrees. Plus humidex. (It's my blog, so I'll use proper terminology: Fahrenheit and Feels Like are crap.)

Anyway, the theme park has water rides, fountains (for running through), and misters (for cooling off): what a waste of water! It's a blatant misuse of nature. I felt disgusted all day.

The weather was a boon, though (to me, at least). The lines for water rides were over an hour long, but all the roller coaster lines were empty. It was probably due to the heat. We could simply walk up, get on the coaster, and go. I wasn't blown away by any of the roller coasters, but they were fun all the same.

The water shows were cool: especially the dolphins. They were jumping eight feet into the air, walking on the water, splashing people, wagging their flippers... anything! And I really got the impression they loved their jobs. Man, it'd be cool to be a dolphin.

I've chronicled the event in my Six Flags Marine World photo album.