Steven's Creek Trail

Posted May 31, 2006 in California

Most of my other posts are aimed squarely at the people in my life who are back home or abroad (they know who they are). This post keeps them in mind, but it's aimed equally at my fellow interns at NASA Ames. My apologies to either group if I say something which doesn't sound like it was aimed at you. (And my apologies to you, reader, if you're not a member of either group: you seem to have wasted several seconds of your life reading this first paragraph, and you'll never get those seconds back.)

Many interns at NASA Ames have been trying to determine the best way to bike to Google. The simple route is:

  • South along Moffet until Middlefield
  • West along Middlefield until Shoreline
  • North along Shoreline until Charleston
  • West along Charleston until Google

This is straightforward and quite quick. It's also for pansies.

The real best way to get to Google is to follow Steven's Creek Trail. This trail gets its name, surprisingly, from Steven's Creek, which will henceforth be referred to as The Stupidest Piece of Water Ever. Why, one might ask, can't we just bike west from NASA Ames straight to the Googleplex? What's with the big detour? Because The Stupidest Piece of Water Ever is in the way. It's only about one or two metres wide; I've considered throwing my bike over and jumping, but I've never been all that impatient.

Anyway, The Stupidest Piece of Water Ever is next to the very lovely Steven's Creek Trail. There are trees and lots of other bikers and very few cars. (I haven't seen a single car on the trail yet, in fact.) The general idea of the trail is:

  • Head south for about a mile, directly east of The Stupidest Piece of Water Ever.
  • Head north for about a mile, directly west of The Stupidest Piece of Water Ever.
  • Ditch the trail and somehow teleport yourself to Charleston, then head west until Google.

I found this trail using the wonderful zoomed-in satellite imagery in Google Maps. I'm not sure whether it saves time, but it's certainly a more enjoyable ride. I have documented it in more detail in my Steven's Creek Trail photo gallery.

Oh, and you're not a pansy if you use the simple route at night. Middlefield is very badly lit, thus preserving your macho-ness. If you take Steven's Creek Trail in the dark, you're more macho than Rambo.