Very Last Two Weeks

Posted August 31, 2006 in California

As I am wont to do, I neglected to blog over the past two weeks of my internship. A Cole's Notes version follows:

  • Intern Cruise: Google offered all its interns and their hosts a cruise in the San Francisco bay. Free. There are some pictures in my Bay Cruise photo album. The neatest part (which I didn't manage to photograph) was that there were fireworks over the bay that night. I don't know why. They made for a spectacular view.
  • Redwoods: a few of us went to Muir Woods and saw the enormous trees. The truly enormous trees like to hang out farther north, but we were quite in awe of the enormity of these slightly less enormous trees nonetheless. See more in my Muir Woods photo album.
  • Lombard Street: On the way back from the redwoods, we drove up the scariest street ever. It's in San Francisco. It has to be experienced to be believed; the closest most of my readers will get, though, is by flipping through my Lombard Street photo album.
  • Plane Ride: Nothing to report. Immediately after dropping my luggage in my apartment, I went to an Irish pub. It didn't have a live DJ or a disco ball; instead, it had a live band and pleasant company. Canadian Irish pubs are better than Californian Irish pubs.

I am now home. Since I'm not in California any more, I don't have much to write on the topic. Thus ends a chapter in my life. Now's a good time to hit pause and grab a beer.