Zoo, Bridge, Fireworks

Posted July 6, 2006 in California

Independence day! The day when we proud Americans celebrate our blowing-up of those proud, evil, conniving British. Oh, and our inevitable victory over terrorists of all descriptions (easily identifiable by their trademark, the turban). We commemmorate this day in the only way that makes sense: by blowing things up. In the sky. In red, blue, and white.

In anticipation of the explosions, four of us headed to San Francisco and went to the zoo. The San Francisco zoo is home to lots of animals. There's not really that much to say about it: it's a zoo. Animals are, of course, fascinating and magical. We saw many murders: river otters massacring goldfish, penguins swallowing herring, and lions and tigers shredding whole rabbits into nothing but fur.

Our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge, which is beautiful. There's not much to say that pictures won't say better. So look at the pictures.

And finally, we saw the fireworks in San Francisco. Funnily enough, they had two simultaneous, identical firework shows! One was in plain view and the other was hidden behind a building; it was clear that they were both the exact same show. It was nice and explosive, but I was a bit disappointed that it didn't blow away (so to speak) the fireworks show we saw in Napa Valley the day before.

Pictures are in my San Francisco Zoo photo album and my Golden Gate Bridge photo album. I recommend them: they're very good photo albums.

Wednesday was a return to work for the shortest and least productive work week ever. After lunch Vince swung by my office so I could see Jill one last time before she flew away. Then he caved and invited her to dinner, so we had to say goodbye again. That was my first goodbye of the many which will inevitably come in the next few weeks.