Gay Means Happy, Right?

Posted June 26, 2006 in California

First of all, a warning: I fell behind my blogging, so I'm backdating the next seven or eight posts to the point when I should have blogged them, had I not been busy. Pretend I blogged them a week ago. And now, the first post:

Word of the day: escalation.

I suppose in any group of friends with an excessive men-to-women ratio, some comments are made which lead to innuendos which lead to actions which lead to... incriminating photographs.

Sunday was the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. When I heard about this, I thought I absolutely had to watch it, since it's the biggest in the world (I think) and it's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Somehow over the course of the last week, somebody suggested that we'd get a far better experience if we were in it. That is, inside the parade, not on the side taking pictures. I am sure it was Vincent who suggested the skipping while inside the parade. Far from chickening out on such a unique opportunity (anybody is allowed to march for Google), I joined in the fun. Mike, Vincent, Mark and I donned our cool t-shirts, hopped on the Caltrain, and went to the parade.

We left on the Caltrain at 9 and got to San Francisco around 10. We were ready to march by 10:30, but we had to wait until 12 because of the 123 floats preceding us. We certainly had enough to look at to entertain ourselves. We ate some hot dogs (eight inches: respectable, but I've seen bigger) and watched thr crowds. I've taken many photos. Somehow we missed out on the Gayglers (gay googlers) group photo, but we would later get many pictures taken of us.

T-shirts led to little blinking Google things, which led to cheap necklaces, which led to glitter, which led to balloons.

There were hundreds of thousands of people watching us. They cheered and waved, and we cheered and waved back. And we skipped. Then somebody got tired holding the Google banner, so Mark took over. Not to be outdone, I took over for someone else. All four of us ended up holding the banner at some time or other. And it was certainly I who coordinated some of the skipping.

The crowds absolutely adored Google. During the parade they were all yelling our name (actually, they were quite ravenous beasts: trying to hand out trinkets was like feeding alligators at a petting zoo). Comments like I use your page every day! were very common. Google gained a lot of respect from a lot of people.

Some choice quotes:

  • Why somebody would become gay: I tried dating women, but I was so bad at it I decided not to subject any more of them to me (Mark)
  • I beat Vince at gay chicken! (How to play Gay Chicken: go in for the kiss; the first to back down loses. This person wanted to remain anonymous)
  • One side of the phone conversation I had just before marching: (ring ring) ... Hey, Mom! ... I'm at the gay pride parade! ... The GAY PRIDE PARADE!!! ... No, I'm MARCHING ... Mom, I have to go now. I'll call you later!
  • You guys are my homepage! (some random guy in the crowd)

I also made an album filled with incriminating photos. Enjoy.