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Aug, 2009


Posted August 17 in Philosophy

I am about to leave my Software Engineering career in New York to study Journalism at Carleton University (in Ottawa). I am constantly asked to explain such insanity; so I am reviving an old essay I wrote (after returning from Uganda but before volunteering in Tanzania) which might help explain why I am more interested in journalism at this stage of my life.

Would you like to hear about my most shameful moment?

I was about eleven years old. I had been left alone with satellite television: quite a novelty for my pre-teen self, who grew up with no television whatsoever. I was new to the concept of channel-surfing, and as such I was quite inefficient in my quest to uncover the needle of cartoons in the haystack of hundreds of channels of Sunday-morning programming.

At my level of channel-flipping street sense, it is understandable that I got stuck on an infomercial for a minute or so. I was knowledgeable enough to never consider buying whatever was for sale; I was also well-informed about how infomercial-viewing is a faux-pas. But alone with the remote control, I allowed myself one minute of guilty curiosity: I watched a paid advertisement.

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Jun, 2007

Colour Scheme

Posted June 8 in Philosophy

I have changed my website's colour scheme. Which just goes to show how exciting I am. It also illustrates graphically exactly how much you're missing if you just vacuum up my blog with a fancy reader program. And that hints at the age-old dilemma: whether 'tis nobler in the mind to visit a friend's website every day and hit the Refresh button, or to end the madness with a blog reader program.

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Feb, 2006


Posted February 23 in Philosophy

Self-improvement is an admirable goal, but it's easy to lose track of why we should strive for it.

This morning I woke up with a flash of insight. I work hard to always become a better person to merit the respect, admiration and trust of the people I care about. The path takes a lifetime, and the rewards are well worth it.

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Posted February 21 in Philosophy

It's not my fault, it's theirs.

(By ignoring context, I have promoted this blog entry from an anecdote to a mantra.)

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Jan, 2006


Posted January 27 in Philosophy

Perfection is the art of enjoying the world exactly the way it is.

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Philosophy vs Engineering

Posted January 15 in Philosophy

In my first Philosophy conference, we were asked to state our name, program, and reason for taking the course. After going about halfway around the room, the spotlight fell on the person next to me, who said she was in Chemical Engineering and was taking Philosophy because she was afraid Engineering is making her a robot.

My turn came right after that. I had prepared some drivel about improving my methods of reasoning. But I thought about it for one more second, and then I said, "same reason."

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Nov, 2005


Posted November 30 in Philosophy

If you're not happy, determine why. Then formulate a plan to solve the problem. The end result is happiness. And what if you fail? Well, if you're not happy in the first place, what do you have to lose?

It really is that simple.

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I'm rich!

Posted November 28 in Philosophy

My blog is worth $0.00.
How much is your blog worth?

Somehow, this makes me proud. I couldn't be worth less if I tried.

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