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May, 2011

Epic wind

Posted May 18 in Poetry

The sun sets by a wind power generator near Moosomin, Saskatchewan.

A tale told each May on cold Prairie days
Is worthy of space on my site.
It's Bicycle rolling down well-ridden roads
And Wind coming, asking to fight.

The rider crouched down, with not half a frown,
Requesting the wind to abate.
“I'm too oft due east,” shot Wind, shunning peace,
“This year you'll be trapped and made late.”

The ducks flapping east soon flapped without cease;
Wind's gusts spun them 'round with a breeze.
The waves grew white teeth in ditches beneath,
And cans cartwheeled west just to tease.

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Oct, 2007

Dedicated to a Nameless Thief

Posted October 29 in Poetry

Thank you. You taught me
That God does not kill people
People kill people

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Jul, 2007

Africa, Take 2

Posted July 14 in Poetry

Life, for me, is now a phase
Of frantic preparation
Peppered, soaked, and madly braised
With keen anticipation.

Now is little but delays;
But thrill will not be mired:
Every day I can appraise
How much my heart buoys higher.

Flames have set my mind ablaze;
Excitement rolls like thunder.
Simply put, these are the days
Of miracle and wonder.

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Oct, 2006

Complacent Rebellion

Posted October 30 in Poetry

Fate will impel me to conform.
When I feel I might be bested,
I'll think, as I follow the swarm,
There is madness in my method.

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