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Apr, 2011

The saddest part

Posted April 4 in Quips

Dickens and Shakespeare had it easy. In the real world good guys are always flawed, bad guys are always good people, winners are always missing something and victims are always trying to improve their situations. No quantity of metaphors and adjectives can describe what somebody truly feels.

The saddest moments in journalism come when I remember my sources are human beings.

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Jan, 2010

Should a Headline be a Question?

Posted January 22 in Quips


The correct headline for this post is, "Headlines Should not be Questions."

Television news ads ask unanswered questions all the time. When I care about the answer, I look it up online and boycott the news that night on principle.

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Jul, 2008


Posted July 23 in Quips

People are different across streets and alike across oceans.

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May, 2007


Posted May 29 in Quips

VISA has more faith in me than I do.

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